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Weight Issues


Basset with weight and back issues

Our world turned upside down in early April, 2008, when one morning Molly, our 9-year-old Basset could not get up and walk. We think she had injured her back by falling off the ramp she uses via her doggie door to get outside. We took her immediately to our vet and he kept her for the day. When we picked her up in the evening she could walk some if we got her up on her feet. Molly went thru April and May on massive daily doses of steroids, causing her to put on a lot of weight which didn’t help with walking. By June, she had a bleeding ulcer from the steroids. She still could not get up by herself most of the time and would fall over easily.

In early July we decided we had to do something else. I thought maybe acupuncture would help and made an appointment at East Alameda for an evaluation. The Dr. recommended we get an evaluation from Tammy. Molly has improved significantly from working with Tammy since July. She loves to go see Tammy and Jessica twice a week, but she doesn’t like the treadmill too much. As a result of the program Tammy put together, Molly has lost 15 pounds. She now can play and loves to run. We have our Molly back!

Thanks, Tammy.
Molly, Deanna and Doug Miller
January 13, 2009


6-year-old Great Pyrenees

On Feb 25th, 2009, I asked Tammy Wolfe to personally help one of our rescue dogs, Sunny, a wonderful, funny and sweet 6 year old Great Pyrenees. Sunny had been with us for about 5 months at that point and we had not been successful in helping her lose weight. We knew it was not a medical issue, and she was on a strict diet, just not getting any activity. She needed to drop about 40 pounds which was too big a challenge for most adopters. She was so heavy she just wouldn’t budge for her foster mom.

I knew Tammy could whip her into shape in no time. I knew it was a lot to ask, but Tammy has the biggest heart on the planet, and she worked with Sunny free of charge for our rescue every weekday for about 2 months (the good people at the Animal Lodge donated her boarding there on weekdays to make that possible).

As of today (April 20th, 2009), Sunny has lost 30 pounds, and is within about 5 pounds of her goal weight. Her coat looks wonderful and she can now look forward to a wonderful and active life with whomever is lucky enough to adopt her! I would recommend Tammy and her amazing work to EVERYONE! We are so incredibly grateful that she works with us and our Gentle Giants in need.

Marie Z Silverstein
Volunteer Medical Director, Big Dogs Huge Paws Inc.
April 20, 2009

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