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German Shorthaired Pointer, North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) Versatile Champion,  recovering from a strained iliopsoas

Our six-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer, “Bob” (Int. Ch., VC Briarwoods Ace II), has been testing in the NAVHDA (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association) system since he was a year old and hunting since he was 5 months old. The training for these tests is physically and intellectually demanding and Bob sailed through all levels with ease. In the fall of 2007, Bob achieved the coveted title of NAVHDA Versatile Champion, joining a very elite group of dogs who can claim that prize.

During a hunting trip in ND in the fall of 2007, Bob suffered an injury that resulted in him being intermittently non-weight bearing on his right rear leg, and shortening his stride considerably. Visits to our vet revealed “nothing significant”, but we knew that there was something there. In the fall of 2008, on another trip back to ND, Bob’s injury flared up again. We took him to a vet in ND that suspected he had a partial tear in his ACL and suggested taking him to Alameda East when we returned to Denver, which we did. Thankfully, the x-rays ruled out the ACL tear. The diagnosis was a strained iliopsoas, and we were referred to Tammy Wolfe.

Here’s where we admit we were skeptics. Physical therapy for dogs was just not something we had ever seen as a “real” solution.  But, we knew we had to open our minds. Our guy Bob had worked so hard for us for the past few years—we owed it to him to try everything possible to alleviate his discomfort. From the minute I met Tammy, I knew Bob was in the hands of someone who loved and cared for animals. And after about 3 sessions with Tammy, I knew Bob was in the hands of someone who could heal. We quickly started to see Bob move more easily. And since starting his hands-on physical therapy, we have not seen Bob do any of the “three-legged hop”—even after hours and days in the field. Tammy provides an invaluable treatment option for which we are so grateful. We are now full-fledged believers and know that because of Tammy, Jessica and The K-9 Body Shop, Bob is moving freely again and will enjoy many more years in the field. Now he’s just trying to decide what he wants to compete in this year!

Thank you, Tammy.
Liz Dyer & Ken Horner


Labrador Retriever, Internationally Ranked Dock Jumper recovering from iliopsoas and abdominal strains

My dog, Jasper, came up lame at a national dock jumping competition back in October 2007.  After a consult with a surgeon, Jasper was diagnosed with a strained iliopsoas and we were specifically directed to Tammy Wolfe  for physical therapy to help Jasper help recover from this injury. Tammy is one of the few physical therapists in Colorado who thoroughly understands this injury and through her functional integration techniques can help a dog recover from it as she has treated many other canine athletes such as those competing in agility and service dogs with the same issues. Jasper not only had on-hands physical therapy but he also utilized the underwater treadmill and pool for re-building his strength. Tammy’s assistant, Jessica, was extremely helpful in guiding Jasper with his treadmill and swimming sessions. As Jasper recovered from his injuries, his rehab sessions  turned into strength and stamina sessions designed by Tammy specifically to help Jasper’s performance in competition. With Tammy’s help and guidance, Jasper was able to compete in the 2008 season, earned an invite to the 2008 DockDogs World Championships and ended the season ranked 10th internationally. Jasper could not have come back from his injuries and competed in 2008 without Tammy assistance!

Rich Schafer


Labrador Retriever, National Amateur Retriever Championship Finalist recovering from TPLO Surgery

My dogs and I compete in AKC Retriever Field Trials across the country. I first met Tammy when Buffy, FC/AFC Freeridin Vampire Slayer, a 2003 National Amateur Retriever Championship Finalist and one of the premier field trial dogs in the country had TPLO surgery in the Fall of 2007. Tammy guided Buffy and I through rehabilitation and in January 2008, Buffy was back competing and once again, among the best dogs in the country. Unfortunately, Buffy – like most dogs that have TPLO surgery – had another surgery, and is back in rehab. However, I am confident that under Tammy’s watchful eye, Buffy will be back in the spotlight early next year.

Theodore Shih, P.C.

Stoney, Evie, Wizard and LaylaStoney, Evie, Wizard, & Layla

Photo By: Rick Meinig

Our Mom began bringing us to see Tammy last summer. The first to benefit from her expertise was Stoney, the eldest in the team. Tammy quickly identified an old injury that had been holding him back, perhaps for years. With both hands on therapy as well as underwater treadmill time, Stoney finally loosened up and regained muscles that had long ago atrophied.

Mom then realized the need for regular physical therapy in canine athletes, and we became almost weekly clients during our racing season. Tammy helped our young star, Wizard, through a painful groin pull, in time to lead the team for a very successful year. Likewise, the girls, Evie and Layla, were evaluated and eased past the particular spinal tightness that sled dogs develop.

Now with autumn training on the horizon, we’re back at Tammy’s for our “fall tune-ups”. Everyone at the K9 Body Shop, from the staff to the other clients, makes us feel special and welcome. Having Dr. Tammy in our “pit crew” has given us a lasting competitive edge. At one point, our Mom might have expected the team to slow down by this year due to aging, but no longer! With eight-year-old Stoney leading the pack to race through the house and leap over the furniture, we can’t wait to get back in harness!

Thanks, Dr. Tammy!

Stoney, Evie, Wizard, & Layla

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