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Suffering from arthritic hips

My name is Amadeao. I’m a 16 years old and have very bad hips due to arthritis. I have been coming to see Tammy for awhile now because sometimes it is very hard to jump and walk. She helps me feel much better. In the beginning I thought it was strange because she would pull my tail and push on my back. I have to admit, it feels sooo good that I spend the whole time just purring and almost falling asleep.

Recently, I have been hearing the words “treadmill and pool” which makes me a bit nervous.  But whatever she decides, I know I’m in good hands!! If you are hurting or having a difficult time walking or jumping, you should come to see her, too!!

Thank you, Tammy. I don’t know what I would do without you!!



Recovering from a spinal injury

I started taking my 16-year-old cat, Dillon, to Tammy about two months ago. A car hit Dillon when he was 5 months old and he suffered a spine injury that did not completely heal. As he has gotten older it has become harder for him to use his back legs when walking and jumping.

My veterinarian suggested I try taking him to Tammy for physical therapy to see if it would improve his quality of life and help him to walk and feel better. After the first session I could tell that he had more mobility in his back legs and seemed to be feeling better, and more interested in things around him. He has been improving and the quality of his life has increased. I am thankful that this option was available to me to explore, and would encourage other owners with dogs or cats with problems to try this type of treatment. It is working for Dillon!

Thank you, Tammy, for being the caring and skillful professional that you are in the care of my cat.

Nancy Munser

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