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Service Dogs


Arvada Police Dept. Police Dog

Prince is a working Police Dog for the Arvada Police Department. Tammy Wolfe began providing physical therapy treatment for Prince after the doctors at Alameda East Animal Hospital discovered that a growth had attached itself to a nerve at the L7 disc. Prince had quite a bit of muscle atrophy in his right rear leg and noticeable loss of strength in his back and rear legs. Surgery was a possible form of treatment, but there was a very real possibility that surgery would have left Prince’ back weaker than it was.

Tammy began treating Prince thee times a week. After 10 weeks of treatment through Tammy, Prince has regained 90% of the use and strength in his rear legs and back. Being that Prince is a working Police Dog for the Arvada Police Department, there was a great deal at stake. Prince is able to continue his police dog work, and there is a huge difference in his attitude at work and play since his physical therapy.

Bill Delay, Handler

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