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Geriatric Dogs

BailyBaily Nash

Hi… my name is Bailey and I joined the Nash pack November 1999. I came from the Maryland and West Virginia area but parts of that time are something I want to forget. We go for walks every day and I have earned the right to go off leash at times. I used to run and do dog things but time has started to slow me down. My Mom took me to her friend Rand (Dr. Rand Winton)… someone who likes to poke and do things to me… and they did some more poking and picture taking and all kinds of stuff… I tried to be good but one can only take so much.  But the pictures interested Mom. There were BBs in several places… probably from that time I would rather forget. And a couple were near my spine… maybe that is why it started to hurt when I walked. Well, our buddy Rand told my Mom about another lady named Tammy who just might help. One day, Mom and I got in the van and drove to a place I had never been. I wasn’t too sure about all of this and being part Swissy was a little suspicious. They made me walk around as they all looked at me and then took me into a room. Luckily Mom got to go with me ‘cause they started to touch me… I wasn’t sure this was a good thing but it started to feel OK. Then it was back into the van and home again. The next time I kinda knew what was going to happen and it felt even better. And as the times spent with Tammy continued, I realized that I could run again and feel good. Now I look forward to the times I spend with “MY” Tammy… they are my special times and I feel sooooo much better. Unfortunately, Mom took my sister Mango with us a couple of times… I had to share “MY” Tammy with Mango… not sure I liked that but I got my time with Tammy’s special hands so it was OK. Hey, I am willing to share “MY” Tammy with you… you will feel soooooo much better…. just as long as I get my time, too.

Signed Bailey Nash

JackJack Anderson

13-year old Standard Poodle

Jack, our 12-year old Standard Poodle had been losing mobility over the last several years. He was slow to get up from a sitting or lying position. It took several minutes for him to ascend a flight of stairs. He would have to pause between each step. Many of our friends and family told us that this was expected since Jack was getting much older. X-rays of his back showed that he had arthritis in his spine.

We started taking Jack to Tammy Wolfe for physical therapy in the spring of 2008. Tammy saw Jack twice a week. Tammy’s therapy has strengthened his rear legs and relaxed the muscles in his back.

After several weeks, the improvement in Jack’s mobility was so great that people kept asking us ‘What happened to Jack?”. For the first time in years, Jack was playing and running like a young pup. He was clearly not the “same old” Jack. Now, he goes up and down the stairs with ease. Another significant change is that now he plays with the other neighborhood dogs. He no longer lies on the porch and watches them play.

The stiffness and pain that Jack used to experience is gone. It is wonderful to see the great improvement as a result of the physical therapy. In addition to Tammy’s hands-on therapy with the dog, she instructed us on how to perform the massages on Jack at home. The massage therapy is so relaxing for Jack that he goes into a deep sleep each time it’s performed.

Jack continues to go to therapy twice a week to maintain his strength and flexibility. Once a week he is in the underwater treadmill and, at the other visit, Jack and his sister Ginger enjoy a swim in the indoor pool. Tammy’s therapy has breathed new life into Jack. Before the therapy Jack moved and acted like an old dog. Today, he moves and plays like a young dog. It is obvious that Jack feels better and, of course, is much happier.

Check out Jack’s before and after videos!
Wayne & Pamela Anderson

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