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Rainier De Ko, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVS

I have had the extreme honor and privilege of working with Tammy during my tenure at Alameda East Veterinary Hospital as a small animal surgeon. Tammy is an extremely talented individual whose expertise in physical therapy and rehabilitation is second to none, assimilating her knowledge in both the veterinary and human arenas. I have trusted her with the postoperative care of my orthopedic and neurosurgical patients and have experienced first hand the vast benefits of her healing work. It is first-class care, delivered with skill, compassion, and professionalism. In the modern day of veterinary surgery, physical therapy plays an integral and essential role in the convalescence of our furry friends. Ms. Wolfe delivers genuine patient care with a radiant smile and genuine compassion.

Rick Heller, DVM CVMA

As a Physical Therapist, Tammy enhances the lives of the pets she treats. She has dramatically decreased the post-op recovery time of our Cruciate surgery patients. They are more active and relaxed after their rehab treatments. Tammy will “tailor make” a rehab program that is right for each individual patient, and not just go through the motions to do the same treatment on every pet. Many times medication alone will not help an animal after a muscular-skeletal injury, but physical therapy is also needed. Tammy works closely with our Doctors at Huron Animal Hospital to complete the healing process, whether it is by massage or by hydrotherapy. If the pet is not yet back to “full speed”, Tammy does not become frustrated, but will try harder to find the right rehab for that animal. I have received numerous compliments from owners attesting to her competence, compassion, and communication skills. She has dramatically improved the quality of life for many animals. I would highly recommend Tammy for the rehabilitation of your pet.

Rand Winton, DVM

Associate Veterinarian, VCA Wingate Animal Hospital, Wingate Animal Hospital Chief Medical Officer, Big Dogs Huge Paws, Inc.

Tammy Wolfe is one of the most skilled and gifted physical therapists with whom it has been my pleasure to work. As a veterinarian associated with a giant breed rescue, I often get cases that require a multi-modal approach in order to attain maximum function. When I reach the end of my abilities to help these dogs, I know I can always turn to Tammy for a different perspective and new insights, and I have always been pleased with the results. Tammy has a deep understanding of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics, but, just as importantly, she has an understanding of her patients, and will develop a treatment plan that truly fits the individual. Her knowledge and skill paired with her deep compassion make her a true healer in every sense of the word. She has perfected the ART of her practice as well as the science, and I trust my own animals to her care as well as those of my clients and the many rescue dogs that need her special touch.

Erin Miller, DVM

VCA Alameda East Veterinary Hospital

Tammy has done a fantastic job with my patients. She has dramatically improved the quality of life for many animals where drugs alone are not enough; painful patients with intervertebral disc disease, iliopsoas muscle strain, and arthritis have flourished under her care. I have received numerous compliments from owners attesting to her competence, compassion, and communication skills. Tammy has my highest recommendation to help your furry family member!

Jennifer L. Fick, DVM, DACVS

VCA Alameda East Veterinary Hospital

Tammy Wolfe is an excellent resource and I am thrilled to be able to refer my clients to her for post-op physical therapy. On multiple occasions, she has helped my patients work through painful muscle pull injuries that they sustained while trying to compensate for other orthopedic pain. These muscle injuries were delaying the dogs’ recoveries from surgery, and I saw noticeable improvement as they worked with Tammy. I have even had Tammy do manual therapy on my own dog, a 3-year-old German Shepherd with hip dysplasia. He has a tendency to strain groin muscles and the muscles along his spine. After a few sessions with Tammy, I notice that he is more relaxed and holds his back in a straighter, more natural position.

Kevin P. McAbee, DVM, DACVS

Director of Surgery, VCA Alameda East Veterinary Hospital

There have been many cases where surgery was just not an option and I was convinced that the patient was not going to improve on medical management. I have referred those cases to Tammy and been pleasantly surprised with the outcomes. Most of these patients have either improved or made a miraculous recovery from their disability-all without surgery!

I am sure that we are just scraping the surface of physical therapy in orthopedic and neurologic patients. I consider myself extremely lucky to be a surgeon at a facility with a top notch physical therapist like Tammy.

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