Manual Techniques

A variety of manual techniques may be utilized, including Feldenkrais Functional Integration® (FI)*, myofasical release, soft tissue, joint and nerve mobilization, massage and manual traction.

This may include the use of exercise equipment: Gym balls, balance boards, a land treadmill, Cavaletti and weave poles, along with other forms of exercise equipment and are available to address the specific needs of each patient and to instruct owners in home exercise programs.

GCFP – Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner

This training includes 800 to 1000 hours of class time over 4 years. Feldenkrais Method® training includes Awareness Through Movement® and Functional Integration®. Awareness Through Movement is a technique where a Feldenkrais practitioner takes a group of students through a sequence of movements verbally. The Functional Integration portion of the Feldenkrais Method involves guiding the student (or patient) through movements using tactile stimulation. Functional Integration is a form of tactile, kinesthetic communication. The practitioner (in this case, the Physical Therapist) uses gentle manual skills to communicate to the patient how he/she organizes his/her body movements and suggests how to move in more expanded, efficient, pain-free patterns. These lessons are individually constructed to improve functional activities such as walking, jumping, running, going up stairs, etc.

In Functional Integration, the practitioner custom-tailors the lesson based on the unique conformation and needs of the patient. The tactile stimulus is gentle, instructive and comfortable and can be done when the patient is laying, sitting or standing. The intention is to spread the work of all movements throughout the body, so that some parts of the body are not being overused and some being underused. In this way, the forces of activity are being shared by the entire body and excessive stress upon injured or painful tissues is being removed. The patient learns how to reorganize his/her body movements into more efficient and painless manners.